Building Organizations by Developing People

Human Resources and Business Services

JK Flenory & Company LLC is dedicated to your company’s staffing (Strategic HR Planning, Job Analysis, Recruiting, Selection, Orientation, Employee Relations, Change Management, Organization Development, Compensation, Benefits, Training and Development, and Performance Appraisals) needs and Business Services.  We build successful organizations by developing successful people.

JK Flenory & Company LLC know that companies have other areas which are often in need of fine-tuning in order to add to their success. Therefore, we offer a variety of other business “building” services that will help companies operate efficiently, so they may be effective.
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Staffing and Recruiting

JK Flenory & Company LLC is dedicated to your company’s staffing needs.  We do the filtering work for you so that your company only receives qualified candidates.
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Retention Strategy Development

JK Flenory & Company provides retention strategy services for companies by evaluating and assessing current retention plans, assessing employee relations and training programs, interviewing current and previous employees, and developing company based retention strategies.
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Outplacement Services

JK Flenory & Company provides companies that are planning to downsize or planning for mass layoffs the means by which to offer their employees outplacement services. This includes résumé development, career search, career advice, and interview preparations.
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