HR and Business Services

JK Flenory & Company knows that companies have other areas which are often in need of fine-tuning in order to add to their success. Therefore, we offer a variety of other business building services that will help companies operate efficiently and effectively.

JK Flenory & Company consult businesses, organizations, and governmental agencies (Federal, State, and Local) on how to streamline their business process(es) to reduce their cost, while increasing their revenue. We develop, implement, and execute business and human capital strategies and initiatives that reduce the need for eliminating employees but reduce waste (time and materials) and improved productivity and efficiency. We promote the philosophy, “Never eliminate your greatest asset, but invest in it wisely and it will exceed your rate of return a hundred fold.” ~ Marcellas A. Flenory Sr., MBA

JK Flenory & Company is dedicated to your company’s staffing (Strategic HR Planning, Job Analysis, Recruiting, Selection, Orientation, Employee Relations, Compensation, Benefits, Training and Development, and Performance Appraisals) and business needs. We build successful organizations by developing successful people.

By strengthening every area in your business, you are less likely to experience a weak link which can lead to downward trending in your company’s performance. In today’s super competitive business world, any additional growth and development adds to the competitive edge in your industry.

We offer these additional company strengthening services:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Business Process Analysis and Mapping
  • Compensation Development
  • Benefit Administration and Development
  • Legal, Valid, and Relevant Performance Appraisals
  • On-Boarding
  • U.S. and International VISA and Immigration Processing
  • EEO-1 Reporting and Affirmation Action Program Development
  • Human Resources Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Organization Development
  • Training and Development
  • Leadership Program Development


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