JK Flenory & Company has more than 20 years of proven experience in the HR and Business planning, designing, developing and implementing of HR, Business, Recruiting, Retention, and Outplacement strategies for corporations and small businesses.

JK Flenory & Company consult businesses, organizations, and governmental agencies (Federal, State, and Local) on how to streamline their business process(es) to reduce their cost, while increasing their revenue. We develop, implement, and execute business and human capital strategies and initiatives that reduce the need for eliminating employees but reduce waste (time and materials) and improved productivity and efficiency. We promote the philosophy, “Never eliminate your greatest asset, but invest in it wisely and it will exceed your rate of return a hundred fold.” ~ Marcellas A. Flenory Sr., MBA

By strengthening every area in your business, you are less likely to experience a weak link which can lead to downward trending in your company’s performance. In today’s super competitive business world, any additional growth and development adds to the competitive edge in your industry.

We offer these HR and Business Strategy services:

  • Change Management
  • On-Boarding
  • U.S. and International VISA and Immigration Laws
  • EEO-1 Reporting and Affirmation Action Program Development
  • Human Resources Management
  • Employee Relations
  • Organization Development
  • Training and Development
  • Leadership Program Development

Our experience with recruiting and staffing strategies ranges from operational and support employees (C, C++, Java Developers, Network, Sales and Account Professionals, cashiers, laborers, etc) to Executive / Senior Management (CEO, COO, CTO, SVPs, AVPs, VPs, Directors, etc).

By using honed programming, technical and human selection skills, we successfully prescreen and interview potential candidates. This allows us to select only the most professional and viable recruits for an opportunity to meet with your hiring manager and staffing department. Our method of candidate assessment allows us to streamline the hiring process which reduces both time and money that your company would normally use on screening and interviewing unqualified candidates.

Professional care and attention is a driving quality which gives us a competitive edge over other recruiting agencies. We spend time getting to know our clients before we start the recruitment process so that we can provide qualified candidates with precision. We also treat potential candidates with respect, keeping them updated on status throughout the search process. Many recruiting agencies, including big firms, have a tendency to focus on numbers and profits, leaving both clients and candidates feeling unattended and mistreated.

The professional touch we use during our recruitment and staffing strategy process ensures that we couple the best positions with the most qualified and professional talent. We do this by working closely with the client as well as keeping potential professionals up-to-date on successful résumé and interview practices to expand personal development, and well informed of unfolding results throughout the selection process. Our success in linking qualified professionals to client needs allows us to make the proud statement, “we build organizations by developing people.”

Our areas of expertise for recruiting and staffing lie in grass root headhunting, internet network recruiting, and social network recruiting which save companies $0.5- $1.5 million or more. Our recruiting and staffing success is due to the utilization of proven strategies and conducting detailed need assessments that provide a high ratio of qualified placements that meet job requirements.

In order to locate top performers, we apply these methods as well as networking, referrals, lead generation, cold calling, and Taleo Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

JK Flenory & Company not only provides clients with Recruiting Professionals that are proven and skilled, but they also have extensive HR and OD experience, supplying you with an extra bonus in on-boarding and legal compliance (EEO, OFFCP, etc).