JK Flenory & Company provides recruiting and staffing services to a variety of industries. Although every industry requires professionalism as a quality present in their staff, each industry also requires that their staff have specialized knowledge and experience in order to successfully meet the needs of the company in that particular industry.

We apply our expert recruitment method to all industries while tailoring the process to meet the requirements of each industry. This way, you not only get highly professional candidates, but you also are ensured that each one has the knowledge and skills required by your particular industry.

Here is a list of major industries which we service (but are not limited to):

  • Financial (Credit Card Processing, Banks, etc.)
  • Computer Hardware (Network, Application, Internet, Virtual, Security, etc.)
  • Software Development
  • Education (K-12: Superintendents, Principals, Teachers, Specialists, Aides, Support Staff, etc.)
  • Government (Federal, State, Local – Certified M/WBE)
  • Medical (Pharmacists (Rx), Pharmacy (Rx) Technicians, etc.)
  • Retail (Big Box)
  • Non-Profit (501(c)3 Corporations)