Previous Clients

A proven way to verify the quality of service which a company provides is to look at their list of previous clients. When well respected and established companies in the business community are shown to turn to a particular company for meeting their needs, other companies can be confident that the level of service they will receive will be of high quality.

JK Flenory & Company has provided HR and Business services, professional recruiting and staffing services, retention strategies, and outplacement services for a variety of solid businesses that cater to different industries which demonstrates both our commitment to professional services and our diversity in supplying candidates which effectively fill various industry needs.

Previous clients include:

  • Responsive Education Solutions (Charter School District: K-12)
  • Siemens Energy and Automation: A manufacturing company for airports, USPS, and postal delivery companies (USP, DHL, FedEX)
  • Chase Paymentech Solutions, LLC (a subsidiary of JP Morgan Chase and First Data)
  • Merchant Link
  • The Potters House of Dallas
  • Argos USA (Formerly Southern Star Concrete)
  • Brinks US
  • Target Stores
  • Child Action, Inc
  • Dorado Software, Inc
  • IntelliMark IT
    • Kaiser Permanente (Northern California)
    • Oracle
    • NVIDIA
    • Publishing Company
  • Dyncorp, Inc